Create face

Processes the uploaded image or provided URL, detects faces and adds the detected faces to the searchable dataset. If there are multiple faces on a photo, only the biggest face is added by default.

Optionally, you can add a custom string meta, such as a name or an ID, which uniquely identifies a person. Multiple face objects may have the same meta. We recommend that you don't assign the same meta to different persons. Thus when using person's name as a meta, make sure that all names are unique.

Detect faces

This method detects faces on the provided image. You can either upload the image file as multipart/form-data or provide an URL, which the API will use to fetch the image.

Verify face

This method verifies that two faces belong to the same person, or, alternatively, measures the similarity between the two faces. You can choose between these two modes by setting the threshold parameter.

In the case, when a binary decision is required, the user can pass a value for the threshold parameter. We provide 3 preset values for the threshold: strict, medium and low, with the former aimed at minimizing the false accept rates and the latter being somewhat more permissive. The client can also override these preset values by a fixed threshold.

Please feel free to contact us if you need to tune the threshold value for your specific use-case and/or dataset.

List metas

Retrieves all meta strings stored in the database along with one of the associated faces. To get more faces call GET /v0/face/meta/{meta}.

List faces

Returns the list of all faces stored in gallery or account.

Delete face by Id

Deletes a face with the _id from the database.

Get face by Id

Returns detailed information about the face with id = FaceID.

Update face by Id

Modifies metainformation or a list of galleries of the face object with _id.

Delete face by Meta

Deletes all faces with the meta from the database.

List faces by meta

Returns the list of faces having provided meta. The method is case-sensitive and required the provided string to completely match the stored meta string.

Note that meta needs to be URL encoded, and according to the standard, spaces needs to be encoded as %20 (not +) in this part of the URL.

Identify face

This method searches through the face dataset. The method returns at most n faces (one by default), which are the most similar to the specified face, and the similarity confidence is above the specified threshold.

List galleries

Returns list of all galleries.

Create gallery (name in body)

Creates new gallery with the specified name. Gallery name may contain English letters, numbers, underscore and minus sign. ([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)

Create gallery (name in path)

Creates new gallery with the specified name. Gallery name may contain English letters, numbers, underscore and minus sign. ([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)

Delete gallery

Deletes the gallery and removed all the faces from it.

Note that the faces will not be deleted, i.e. they will remain in your account and will be accessible though other galleries, including 'default' gallery.